Immigration Post 2016 Election


The 2016 election for the next President of the United States has been decided and  there remains unanswered questions as to the changes that may take place with our immigration laws and policies.  At the moment, our immigration laws remain unchanged and our goal to be zealous advocates for the benefit of our clients has not changed either.  We hope that our country remains tolerant of all diverse backgrounds.  And as much as we can improve on our current immigration laws and policies, we hope that the Congressional intent of family unity remains a pivotal element that drives any change in the near future.  We also hope that the economic boost that many of our immigrant neighbors, friends, and business owners provide to the U.S. economy is taken into account when deciding and effectuating immigration policy.


Our mission and passion has been and remains to be the protection of our clients’ future in the United States.   We will continue to serve this mission with unwavering dedication and determination.  We are motivated now more than ever to serve this mission.  These are times where we are still unsure what the future will bring, but one thing you can count on are the many zealous, enthusiastic, and passionate advocates that are willing to fight for our clients, rights, and future here in the United States.  As Mr. William A. Stock, President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association so eloquently states,


“It is important to remember, as we look forward to an uncertain future, that we have invaluable and unlimited resources at our disposal: the talents, ingenuity, passion, legal acumen, and persistence of our fellow AILA members.  Looking forward, we must continue to support one another as we always have, by coming together for inspiration, to share war stories, and to take every opportunity that we can find to advocate for fair and just treatment for immigrants.  Together we must carry this message of unity and perseverance to the immigration agencies, to Congress, and to the courts.”

If you have any questions about the effect this election may have on our current immigration laws and policies, please see below.

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